Portugal, Algarve – a good destination post Covid-19 ?

Highly concerned with what is happening to humankind lately,i want to update you on what is going on at the moment in Portugal,mostly after May 4th when the doors of the portuguese homes started opening slowly. However, Portugal will emerge from lockdown with its reputation as one of the safest and most stable countries in the world undamaged.

We’re all ansious to welcome our happy customers but we have a great sense of responsability too,in relation to the others.That is why i care for your quality and safe Precious Time!If and when you’re ready to travel for a short break, willing to be in a private small group,yourself and your family,and have a memorable experience, be sure we are prepared to assist you and more than ever,tailor a specif program,away from the crowded and busy touristic places.

Before that,please read some of the most recent news from the portuguese governement that will help you take the best decision while packing.I will bring you soon the latest new Precious Programe designed to pump you!

Be happy, be safe!

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